Franchise Support

Operation Support

  • Pre & post opening on-site training support

  • Quality assurance visits

  • Customized management support

  • Business Reviews by our consultants 

  • Operation execution support 

  • Site design and construction guidance

  • Site selection advice and support

  • Supply Chain management support

Advertising Support 

Marketing and Promotions

  • Web Site enhancement 

  • Establish brand guide

  • Print Ads

  • Comprehensive local store marketing

  • YouTube Ads

  • Social Networking Ads

  • Digital Marketing Support 

  • Established brand development Program & Points of purchase(PoP) materials

  • A Comprehensive local store marketing programs

  • An effective use of social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter,Yelp.

  • Active research into industry trends and advertising opportunities  

Ongoing Support

  • Field Support Representatives assist franchisees with developing an annual Plan for sales growth, profitability, marketing strategy and Staff Development.

  • Frequent Menu mix evaluation and Menu engineering in order to improve food cost and profitability

  • Ongoing Coaching and guidance in restaurant operation excellence, management, and systems procedures through telephone, Webinars, and teleconferencing.

  • Supply of propriety and private label items to ensure consistency and high food quality.

  • Marketing and printing services for "on demand" collateral materials. Webinars on operations or marketing subjects. Grand opening hands-on support by Franchiser's team for the launch of the first restaurant.  

Capital  Expenditure 


Total average start up cost



Advertising funds 1%

Become Our Partner

  • Initial inquiry and basic information sharing
  • sign non-disclosure agreement
  • In-depth information sharing
  • In-person meeting
  • Begin 14 days disclosure period
  • Identify and secure location
  • Obtain financing
  • Sign franchise agreement
  • Get trained
  • Open and succeed!

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